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Fort Lauderdale Florida Fishing Report

Report Date: May 8, 2010

We made it into May, my favorite month to be out fishing. It is already showing hope. Last week produced a mix from Sailfish to Blackfin Tuna and lots in between. The Bonita and Kingfish are keeping us watching the rods too. This is the month the Smoker Kings pass through. We did get the chance to catch a fat Cobia but after 25 minuets of tough battle on the spinning rod it decided to spit the hook at boatside then give us the fin and swim away. The Dolphin are showing offshore and those who take the time and chance to do some hunting are getting rewarded with a few big ones.

Even though this is what I call peak fishing season each day gives different results. The conditions at the moment you head out can play a huge role in what happens. or not. The water color, current speed and direction, wind speed and direction and barometer all affect the action. Since they always change and are never predictable I let you pick the lucky day, don't ask me. If you do good we all have a great time. If not it is called fishing.

Sea Ya,
Captain Ron Mallet

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