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Photo Gallery

Jack meets the brothers

Say hello to Jack

Time to replenish the fluids

Wendy meets Jack

Big Springtime Blackfin Tuna 31 pounds.

Akila holding the fish that he bought, someone else caught it mom.

Allyson let Nick take pictures of her fish. Thats blue water fishing!

His made it into the frame

Them phone cameras...

Making me hungry

Hold that arm out

Looky here

Dinner guest

That view you cant mistake

Dave landed what is probably the largest fish yet on Just Add Water


A Little Tunny (a.k.a Bonita) was the first fish Brendan caught off Fort Lauderdale

Brendan meets a Blue Runner that ate a live pilchard next to the anchored ship offshore Ft Lauderdale.

Brendan and Uncle Mike caught double header Barracudas in the inlet.

Kings final resting place.

The team gets it done.

Nice pair, I think?

Toms King was a whopper.

The Macs are in the inlet again.

Flossing with steel.

Trey now has a goal to beat.

This little Sailfish has a bent bill, to the left.

Kings are king

David caught his first Bonita, a Sail and Barracuda on this trip. I bet he is ready to do it again.

David catches and releases his first Sailfish. Let the scoring begin.

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Take a look through our collection of fishing photos for some of the fish caught aboard Just Add Water with Captain Ron Mallet. If you have fish pictures you took while fishing in Fort Lauderdale with Captain Ron be sure to send them to us. We post our fish pictures here and mention your catch in our report.

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