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Hi. Take the time to look at all the information on my website. You will find lots of the answers to most questions you might have. Read all the pages and let me know if you have any questions or comments. Don't miss the NEWS page!

Beginners are always welcome we use a style of fishing that lets junior and novice anglers experience a successful and memorable day. This charter provides the best choice in town for taking children out fishing. Smaller tackle and the smaller boat means the kids can get more involved with the action.

Any edible fish we keep is yours, fish cleaning is included as part of your outing. Fish not kept for the table will be released, after a quick photo. Taxidermy Services can be arranged for your trophy, even if you release your catch! Modern taxidermy does not need your fish, little or none of it is used anymore. Most all the mount is made from fiberglass, plastic and paint.

Fishing styles vary from offshore - live bait - kite fishing for sailfish, dolphin, tuna, kingfish and more. When conditions allow we might try dropping a shrimp or jig deep for snapper, grouper, jacks and a whole list of surprises when conditions allow. When fishing the protected inshore waters the targeted species might include tarpon, barracuda, mackerel, jack and other surprises. You will never get shut out because of rough weather since its always calm in the harbor and other inshore fishing spots.

My boat is located 10 minutes from Fort Lauderdale airport and approximately 45-60 minutes from Miami or Boca Raton.



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