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Fort Lauderdale Florida fishing report

Report Date: February 26, 2010

I did get to sneak out a few times during the last week to wet the lines in between some rough weather. Lots of wind and rain has made it tough to find nice conditions but we did work at it and caught some decent fish. The best action came with Dolphin. Kite fishing during the weekend produced a nice 20 pounder. We were only a mile off the shore with a west wind so it was a bit of a surprise. Yesterday the Dolphin came through in big numbers pushing south with the latest chill from the north. We had many schools in the morning then the afternoon tapered off but still brought them to us. They weren't big but some were keepers and made it to the table. They were pletntiful and hungry. Mark was able to get 6 fish with only 6 casts of the jig. We lost track of how many we released. Andy experienced a nice blitz in the afternoon with all rods bent and fast action while they stayed with us. Strangley enough we did not see any other species yesterday, only Dolphin. The anglers were happy with them though as they should be.

Another front is passing through this week which should keep them coming south. It is anyones guess when they will be out front and eating so I leave the guess work to you. If you feel lucky pick a day and give me a call. If I am open we can head out and hope that your pick was right.

Sea Ya,
Captain Ron

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