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Fort Lauderdale Florida Fishing Report

Report Date: January 27, 2010

We had a great day yesterday. A family trip turned out to be more then they bargained for. What started out as an afternoon on the water to see the sights and relax turned into lots of action. We headed offshore so they can see the ocean but I convinced them to try fishing for a little while, the conditions looked perfect. We just put out the baits and got a quick bite with a Triggerfish which wasn't big but set the pace. Within 5 minutes the spinning rod went off and an extra large Sailfish came up jumping. After a good while following him and his air show we landed and released him. We set up again and 5 minutes later another Sailfish ate the same rod and we were on again. When the fish finally came close to the the boat the other rod went off and we had another shot but this one managed to escape. They saw a good display of fishing in the deep sea, offshore Atlantic Ocean. The impressive part is that we were only a mile offshore where this all happened.

We decided to head inshore and try our luck there as the original plans were and it didn't take long. The first 2 baits out were instantly taken by Barracuda. We landed both and continued to keep busy with them for the next 30 minutes without much rest. We had a few baits left and a few minutes so we stopped at the last secret spot on the way home. The Jack Crevalles were hungry too. We used the last of the bait there and had fast action with them.

They did a great job picking the lucky day. It was mostly non stop action the whole trip. The fish made me look good and everyone left happy. I wish they could all be like that.

Sea Ya,
Captain Ron Mallet

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