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Fort Lauderdale Florida offshore fishing report

Report Date: October 25, 2009

We did get to experience the beginning of the great southern migration again. The winds blew all last week and finally came down for the weekend. We made it out the the drop off and found great conditions. Blue water, north current and FISH. The Dolphin were moving south quickly but when we crossed paths the action was fast. They were all schoolie size, 3-6 pounders, but they were hungry and in good numbers. We kept a few and released some too. The Kingfish were below them. Dropping live baits did well to connect with them. Sometimes we had a King on one rod and a Dolphin on the other at the same time. I heard of a few boats near us that jumped off Sailfish so it looks like they are coming through too.

This pattern will continue to grow as we get more cold fronts passing through. Luck will put you on the right side of the front and help to better your odds with the bite. This is a great time of year to be out there. We only have to run a mile or two out our inlet to get into these fish. Even a 4 hour trip gives you a shot at some nice action when the fish are on the move.

Sea Ya,
Captian Ron Mallet

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