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Fort Lauderdale Florida fishing report

Report Date: August 20, 2009

We push our way through the summer months and the weather has cooperated so far. Most days have given us a breeze and that makes all the difference. We even dodged our first threat of tropical weather this week when the forecast turned out way off and the last few days were great again!

The action during my last few trips were mostly Kingfish and Bonita while live bait fishing just utside our inlet. No surprise, that is what is suppose to happen this time of year. The bite started out good with instant double header bites then they tapered off as we went into late morning and mid day. A few Dolphin are still being found by those who run hard and get lucky. The combination of the two is your best bet. Sailfish are very scattered this time of year and you can always stumble into one but that is the exception more then the rule.

The inlet and canals are holding Jack Crevalles and Barracudas for those who fish with live bait. Work the right spots during moving tide and the bites are very consistent.
We should stay in this pattern during the next month or so. If you check my reports and see that they are not updated as often this time of year that is because the bite has pretty much stayed the same.

Sea Ya,
Captain Ron Mallet

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