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Fort Lauderdale Florida fishing report

Report Date: March 23, 2009

The winter has left us and we are ready for spring. It came in as expected, rain and wind. This is not all bad, we needed the rain and the wind has pushed the fish north. It did send some welcomed fish into our waters fast. Last week I had a good trip with Sailfish action and the Kingfish were eating every live bait we put out and quickly. They were mostly 8-10 pounders but we did get one that went a solid 20. The Dolphin bite was thin but a few made it to the shallow water and jumped on the baits.

This week has started out with dryer skies and strong winds that kept us fishing inshore today. The Barracuda bit well in the inlet and they were mixed in with some chunky Jack Crevalles. I even got a suprise mid day decent size Snook at the end. It looks like the breeze will lay down as we get later into the week. This should have the fish stacked up close to shore again when I make it out the inlet with a well full of live baits.

Sea Ya,
Captain Ron

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