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Fort Lauderdale Florida fishing report

Report Date: November 12, 2008

The fall weather has kicked in. The bite is changing daily and luck plays as big a role as ever getting into the action. The fish we target are migratory and this is the time of year they head south to stay warm for the winter. If they are on the move and you time your trip to be there when they come through then you will have all the action you can handle. If your timing is a little off so will the action. No real way to predict it so don't make yourself (or me) crazy trying. Just go!

The Dolphin have been both very close and very far the past week. We got nice ones less then a mile outside our linlet somedays and others we never saw one? Kingfish are very scattered but they should show in huge numbers anyday this month. The Spanish and Cero Mackerel are biting well. They are closer to shore. Just set up a chum slick and put out some live shrimp. They will fill in between the Snapper and other bottom fish attacks.

Inshore has been mostly Jack Crevalles and Barracudas. There are some Tarpon in town but they can be very picky on when and what they want to eat. As always, weather dictates where we fish each day and what we do. This is something I discuss the morning when we meet since talking about a game plan in advance can be a waste, the days weather will govern what is allowed. It is always calm and fishable inshore and most of the time offshore. Be flexible and you won't be disappointed.

Sea Ya,
Captain Ron Mallet

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