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Fort Lauderdale Florida fishing reports

Report Date: August 1, 2008

Mid summer and holding up well. Most days start off warm as soon as the sun breaks the horizon. We have had a lucky breeze blowing most days that helps to keep it comfortable. Drifting live bait is what I have done during the last few weeks. Depending on the day it has produced a few bites and some nice catches. We went through a slow week recently but yesterday we had a good bite with the Kingfish. They kept us very busy for a good hour until they decided to take a siesta. Most were in the 10 pound range but we did get a few 20 pounders and missed some that felt larger. With the light tackle I use they really put up a great battle. Some Bonita (Little Tunny) were mixed in to keep the anglers moving around the boat during the fight.

The Sailfish and Dolphin have done the usual scatter and disperse game they do every summer. Travel much and might get lucky, you can find a few but most days will test your patience. The Jack and Barracuda are attacking any frisky live baits placed in the proper position on the inshore waters. As long as the weather allows, this is a great time to get out and test your luck. Bring plenty to drink, start before the weather begins to turn and give it a shot. Some days might just suprise you.

Sea Ya,
Captain Ron Mallet

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