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Fort Lauderdale Florida fishing report

Report Date: April 30, 2008

The spring run is going strong. As long as you luck out with the right conditions of the day, you can expect great action. The Kingfish have invaded the waters of Fort Lauderdale. Mostly 10-14 pound fish but a few hogs are there too. The Dolphin are in one day and gone the next. Wind directions and current play a big part. The Sailfish are still eating well. A few Bonitas are crashing the baits when they fly by.

The inlet has lots of Barracuda and Jack Crevalles hanging around. The bait is moving in and out with the tide so a frisky live bait and moving water should provide fast action.

This scene should hold up well for the next month or so. Don't miss what has historically been the best month to fish off

South Florida. There are more good days then slow so your chances are great to have a day filled with action.

Sea Ya,
Captain Ron

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