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Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report

Report Date: April 1, 2008

The wind has blown hard straight from the east the last few days. This has really pushed the fish into the harbor. With our huge inlet facing straght to the east it has allowed lots of weeds and debris to enter due to the winds. We found a nice weed patch with a few boards all the way inside the port, next to the ship docks. It had a huge school of Dolphin (dorado) uunder it. Most were about 5 pounds but we did put out a live bait and got a nice 25 pound Bull!

After putting a few of those in the cooler we set out a spread of trolling baits and headed up the intracoastal. As soon as we went under the 17th street bridge the long bait went off and a Sailfish came up jumping. It didn't last long though because our line rubbed aganist the bridge supports and ended the battle quickly. We reset the baits and continued towards the New River. With the tide coming out and the strong east winds, we came across another weedline formed out the mouth and it was holding a few more small Dolphin. Since we already had our share of Mahi action we decided to put out a planer and work below the weeds to see what we could do. As soon as we got to the big bend we were able to let it a bit deeper and bang! The fish was lost I guess because it ran straight up river towards Andrews Ave bridge against the current and quickly lost gas. After a few more runs we were able to put a nice Wahoo in the boat. The crowd that gathered on shore got a real show. A few cars stopped on the bridge and cheered us on.

I guess the bite will probably slow down inshore tomorrow since the east wind is supposed to slow. But more important is that Aprils Fools is today and be cautious when you combine April 1st with a fshermans report.

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