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Fort Lauderdale fishing report

Report Date: August 30, 2016

It has been a while since my last report. The bite has been much the same most of the summer. The offshore deep sea bite is mostly Bonita with some Kingfish mixed in. An occasional Sailfish still pops up now and then. The Dolphin, Mahi are very scattered and mostly out far. A lucky anglers stumbles on one in close every so often but it is a long shot this time of year unless you cover lots of water and stay hopeful.

The inshore action with Barracuda has been great. Lots of them and they like the live bait approach. Jack Crevalles are biting good too once found. Moving water away from traffic is key, and don't forget the live bait.

We have had our share of rain lately but we dodge the hurricane threat. Temps are a little cooler because of that but you do need to keep an eye on the sky to avoid the thunderstorms. Things will be changing fast in the next month or so. Once we get into October there is a different vibe on the water and the fish start feeding more getting ready for winter.

Sea Ya,
Captain Ron

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