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4 Inshore


5 Offshore


7 Offshore


Rates Include: Fuel, Fishing License up to 4, Ice, Parking and Fishing Gear.

Not Included: Food, Drink, Live Bait and Gratuities.

Live bait can cost from $30 to $60 depending on the trip booked. A maximum of 3 adult passengers are allowed on my boat.

4 is okay if it is 2 adults with 2 small children on an inshore family charter.

3 adult passengers max on 4, 5 or 7 hour trips. Prices shown above are total cost for the boat, not per person. Live bait is additional on all trips.

You bring:

Your own food, drink, hat, sunglasses, camera and wear non scuffing shoes, no black soles, Crocs, or bare feet please.

  • Leave your cooler in the car, one is provided with ice for your food and drink.
  • NO glass containers please.
  • Free marina parking is available.
  • Our services are private charters. We will not add passengers to your boat or organize shared boats.

Trip Details

3 Hour Family: These trips are fished inshore. You are in calm protected waters all day. Species expected are Jack Crevalle and Barracuda when using live bait. Tarpon and Snook are possible but not likely most days. Mackerel, Snapper and other species move in seasonally. Non-reserved, space available.

4 Hour : This trip is for those who do not want to head offshore or outside of the inlet at all. Maybe you get seasick very easy and would rather not take a chance. The inland waters are always calm and we still bend the rods while getting a good view of the lifestyle of Fort Lauderdale.

5 Hour : This is the most popular outing. You can take up to 3 passengers onboard. The extra time gives us the option head outside the inlet when weather allows. A few miles offshore and you have shots at Kingfish, Bonita, Sailfish, Dolphin, Tuna, Shark and more. Live bait drifting is the typical method used.

7 Hour : When weather allows us to head outside the inlet this trip is done offshore with time to change up location or styles. You can even break up the trip with some fishing offshore and some inland. If the bite is deeper, a bit north or south the schedule allows movement and a reset. Look above for species expected.

All my fishing is done with live bait most days. Frozen cut bait is used when fishing bottom with children but the catch is much smaller. I do not use lures or do any casting. On occasion schools of fish come up to the boat and we can throw jigs with success but that is not very common.

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