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Fort Lauderdale deep seas fishing report

Report Date: August 5, 2014

We are into the summer patterns. If you can get a trip in between the rains you stand a chance at some good action. The seas have been calm lately, just keep an eye on the skies. Most mornings are cooperative. We did get a chance to head out yesterday and we landed a 100 pound Hammerhead Shark on 20 pound convetional gear. It took 45 minutes but we won, so did the shark. A quick photo and it went on its way. The 25lb. Blackfin Tuna was not so lucky. A few other bites were mixed in too.

Bonita and Kingfish round out the typical day live baiting on the water this time of year. A Sailfish, Blackfin or Dolphin can also jump the bait. Inshore the Barracuda and Jack Crevalles are eating the live Pilhchards quickly once found.

Give it a try. You are sure to catch nothing on the couch.

Sea Ya,
Captain Ron Mallet

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