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Fort Lauderdale Florida fishing report

Report Date: August 27, 2013

Been a while. Mid summer is slower for the fishing business here is S Florida due to weather and the fact that is is nice all over, no need to visit here to warm up! The action is the typical warm weather bite. Big Bonitas and Kingfish a mile offshore. A few scattered Sailfish with them too. Blackfin Tuna are around but thinned out some. Head further offshore on a calm day and you stand a chance of crossing paths with some Dolphin (dorado). The bottom bite is giving up a few Snapper and Jacks. Watch the skies and keep them baits in the water.

Inshore the bite is pretty consisitent. Barracuda and Jack Crevalle are taking live baits in the inlet and around certain structures far inshore. It is always calm there so no worries about the big seas. If you get really lucky a Tarpon might jump the baits too.

This pattern is what to expect for the next month or so until the cool evenings and colder conditions move into the northern states. Overall we have had a fairly nice summer so far. Lets hope our luck continues.

Sea Ya
Captain Ron Mallet

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