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Fort Lauderdale Florida fishing report

Report Date: May 10, 2011

I missed Aprils report. Was very busy on the water and spent lots of time resting and away from the computer. It was a great month, lots of action with very few slow days mixed in. That is the way it supposed to be this time of year.

We scored with Sailfish yesterday. A few connected with our live baits right out front. The angler was impressed on how they fought and how close they are to the coastline. A great show with spinning tackle. Kingfish run big this time of year. Put out a frisky live bait and wait for the big bite. It is not uncommon to get them over 25 pounds on a regular basis. Even a 40+ makes it to the boat once in a while. Bonita and Blackfin Tuna are mixed together too. The Bonita are much more agressive but when the Tuna gets there first it will give you a workout. Dolphin are passing through. Mostly farther offshore, here one day and gone the next few. On calm days with extra time you stand a chance of getting into them. They often show up in close too while kite fishing and provide great fights on light tackle.

May is my favorite month to fish here. Great weather most days, you never know what is passing by and the traffic on the water can be light to help keep stress levels low. Don't miss out.

Sea Ya,
Captain Ron Mallet

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