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Fort Lauderdale Florida Fishing Report

Report Date: February 28, 2011

It has been a while since my last report. Partly becuase I have been busy and also the fishing has been pretty stagnent with not much to report as news. That seemed to change during the last week. We have had a sample of what spring is going to bring us. Lots of Blackfin tuna are offshore at this time. Not much for size but they are here in numbers. The Sailfish are biting most ecery trip too. I expect to be connected to one most every trip offshore and on a good day a few will find the baits. The occasional Dolphin will be mixed in with them. Kingfish seem to be hot or cold still. As we approach spring they will become more consistent and larger. All this action has come by drifting live bait a mile or two outside our inlet. The inshore scene is made up mostly by the resident Barracuda population. The Jack Crevalles will show at time to time.

The next few months are our peak season for fishing this area. Don't miss out trying your luck. Some days can be awesome. Pick a lucky one and you will be rewarded.

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