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Fort Lauderdale Florida fishing report

Report Date: October 30, 2010

Well it has been a while. You might notice I didn't post a report for September. This is the first time I can remeber skipping a month completely. Truth is there was not much to write about. The fishing was slow most trips and I did not get out alot. Sept. is our slowest time of year, both for fishing and bites. On top of that I had an injury that limited my desire to get bounced around the ocean. We did catch fish but it was a test of patience and endurance.

Now we are just about done with October and I finally got to the keyboard again. October was another slow month in both categories because I was out of town half the month. Now back at it again I see the fish are starting to head south for the winter. Lots of bait fish in the harbor and coastline. This is always followed up by the gamefish we all hope to battle. This week I did get into Dolphin, Sailfish, Bonita and Kingfish all close to shore. I know the action will build with each week too. I welcome the fish back and the cooler weather. Over the next month we will see a big change as the locals return to warmer winter climates.

Sea Ya,
Captain Ron Mallet

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