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Fort Lauderdale Florida fishing report

Report Date: June 26, 2010

Summer is at it's peak. We are seeing the signs of this both on land and sea. There has been a steady onshore breeze blowing the last week that has kept the seas up a bit and the action close to shore. Mostly Kingfish and Bonita making the rods bend. The Sailfish are scattered and there is always a chance to get a bite or two from them but luck is as important and experience during the heat of summer. The Dolphin numbers have pushed through heading north but those who head offshore covering ground are still running into some. Calm seas and clear weather is best for doing this because you need to sweep the ocean and keep your eyes open for signs of life. Time and fuel can still bring a payoff for those who put in the time and effort.

The inshore scene has been hot, air temps and the bite too. Lots of Barracuda stacked up in ambush zones. A live bait presented right will get a fast bite. Jack Crevalles are scattered as usual but good hunting will find them. Fresh live bait is the ticket to action.

Most of the summer should be the same. Hopefully the breeze will let up this week and give us the calm mornings we are use too. It is typical to get flat calm mornings with a later breeze just before the afternoon storms. Just becuase the conditions are one way today don't bank on it being the same tomorrow or the next and who knows what we will get when we wake up. Just go for it and hope you pick the lucky day.

Captain Ron Mallet />

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