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Fort Lauderdale Florida Fishing Report

Report Date: March 3, 2008

I am sitting in today and getting a chance to send in my report because the wind is blowing and the rain is falling! We have had our share of great weather the past week and it looks like change is here this week. The offshore scene has brought good action one day and lots of waiting the next. When the rod went off we had a mix of Sailfish, Kingfish, Bonita and Barracuda connected to our hooks. The action has not been consistent but moments of quick attacks have kept our attention.

The inshore bite has been a bit more cooperative. Made up of Barracuda and Jack Crevalle, they are taking turns jumping on our live baits. As long as the current is flowing they seem to eat. This pattern should hold for the rest of this week since it looks like the weather will be the same. It looks like I will get to fish the rest of the week since the rain will be less and the fish more.

Sea Ya,
Captain Ron

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